4 Ways to Increase your Patient Visits by 25%
Four cost effective ways to increase your patient volume quickly and efficiently

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Is your patient volume increasing or decreasing year over year?

Whether you have seen a dip in patient volume, brought on a new provider and need to kick start their practice (without taking patients away from other providers), or opened a new office, you have appointments to fill. Whatever the reason, a consistent flow of new and existing patients is the key to long term success and profitability

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In this free webinar, Rochelle Glassman will talk about four cost effective ways to increase your patient volume quickly and efficiently by at least 25%. By the end of this event you will learn how to:
  1. Use internal, existing resources turn on the tap for a consistent patient flow
  2. Identify what patients are looking for when selecting their healthcare providers and what your business can do to capture those patients
  3. Implement external marketing, and find out what works and what doesn’t
  4. Work with the health plans to drive business to your practice
Whether you are looking to stay the course or grow your practice, these tools and techniques can help! Register now to learn new ways to become a new best practice.
Rochelle Glassman is President and CEO of United Physician Services. She brings a passionate, very practical “do it today” approach to making medical practices successful and getting physicians paid more.
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